Reach the next generation.

Join us in sharing the life-changing Word of God with public school students during school hours.


8 in 10 American youth don't attend church...

...but 9 in 10 attend public schools.

What does this mean?  Reaching youth with the gospel in today's culture is a challenge.  Since most students aren't inside church walls, why not go where they are?  Cross Over The Hill takes advantage of little known legislation to offer Bible Education to Van Wert students during school hours.

How It Works



The Mission Field

There is a mission field in our own back yard, the public schools. We believe families, our community and our world can be changed by the power of God's Word!



The Opportunity

By law, students have the opportunity to leave school each week for Bible education if the program is 1-privately funded, 2-off school property and, 3-the students have parental permission.



The Impact

Now approximately 95% of Van Wert Elementary students receive Bible education weekly and we have begun the process of offering classes to MS and HS as well!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Studying the Bible during school hours?!?! How on earth can this be legal?
A: In 2014, Ohio law, HB 171 (ORC 3313.6022) was passed in the Ohio legislature and signed into law by the Governor. The law allows public school students to receive elective Biblical instruction during the school day, under the following conditions:

1) Parental permission is required for child’s participation.

2) Program must be held off site of school premises.

3) No government funds can be used for this program.


Q: What are students being taught at COTH?
A: COTH focuses on the central messages of the Bible. We avoid getting bogged down in the finer points of religious doctrine. Instead, we focus on the most foundational themes that speak to the issues common to all people.


Q: Who teaches the classes?
A: We currently have four wonderful teachers. You can read their bios here.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: There are three main ways you can get involved:

1) Donate - COTH is fully supported by donations and you can contribute today here.

2) Volunteer - There are many needs for volunteers. Please see a full list of volunteer needs here.

3) Start a ministry in your area - If you're not from the Van Wert area and you'd like to see a ministry like COTH impact the students of your local public school, we'd love the opportunity to talk with you about the opportunity. Just visit




There are many volunteer opportunities to help serve our local youth. 



Team up with Cross Over The Hill

Here are three great ways we can work together.






Cross Over The Hill is primarily funded through private donations.

Other Questions?

Start One In Your Community.

Cross Over The Hill is a partner of LifeWise Academy, a broader movement of released time programs. For more info about starting a program in your community, visit the link below!

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